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How you doin'?
Hey, Receiver, someone has their eye on you. Although How you doin'? has a cheeky, non-committal edge, such an implicitly flattering gesture is rarely entirely lacking in romantic subtext.

Responses can vary from the enthusiastically romantic Kiss me, you fool!, I've never felt this way before, to the direct Drink?, playful Come away with me or dismissive Whatever or Congratulations. Receivers unconvinced of their own worth may employ Unworthy, while for those confused by the Bearer’s advances, or unsure of their identity, You intrigue me or Tell me the truth may provide means of clarification. Should romantic intent be clear and a Receiver unwilling or unable to respond in kind, Alas You're not my type or If only may provide appropriate and (in some cases) complimentary means of refusal. Any offended by an anonymous donor can make their feelings clear with an emphatic Creep, You've gotta be kidding me or WTF?, although such reactions are somewhat unlikely to give the Bearer much encouragement.
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