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Sleepless nights, lost hours in reverie; desire run wild, and beyond the Bearer’s control. Receiver, you simply will not leave the Bearer's head, welcome or otherwise. Whilst undeniably romantic, there is vulnerability and perhaps an edge of desperation in such an admission; attached is an implicit plea to spend more time together, so a Bearer thus stricken can cast aside their daydreams and focus on reality.

Passionate acceptance can be signalled with I'm yours or Forever yours, while Slow down or Hold your horses advise caution, and Prove it requests proof of such arrant devotion. Should the Bearer’s desires be unreciprocated, You're not my type, It's not you, it's me, Let's be friends or You're imagining things all variously express and explain this, and Awkward laments the awkwardness of the situation. A sarcastic My heart bleeds casts doubt on their genuineness. Meanwhile, those wishing to repudiate the Bearer’s gesture without sparing their feelings can employ a disbelieving You've gotta be kidding me or WTF?, a dismissive Don't call me, I'll call you or an insulting Creep for the purpose.
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