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Only you
Dear Receiver, this Bearer may be confused, unsure of their path or even their desires, but their one certainty is you. Particularly powerful should the Bearer’s changing circumstances or the Receiver’s worries appear to be threatening their intimacy, or worse, preventing it from developing, Only you makes it clear that the Bearer, at least, has no intention of allowing such obstacles to interfere. Whether signifying craving for closeness, grateful recognition of continual support or simply reaffirmation of a significant bond, this is a passionate declaration: the Bearer’s world may be in turmoil, but the Receiver is a cornerstone.

Passionately romantic Receivers can use I'm yours or Forever yours to respond in kind, while Patience counters patience. Receivers unhappy with the strength of the Bearer’s feelings can indicate this with Hold your horses, while Let's be friends and You're imagining things make the lack of reciprocity explicit. Those repulsed by the Bearer’s declaration can use Sure thing, You should be so lucky, or Get over it to make their feelings clear in no uncertain terms.
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