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Something is barring smooth communication – an overbearing companion, jealous rival, busy workplace or simply a party where all tongues wag freely - and the Bearer has something interesting to communicate or some secret amusement to share. Psst suggests a private meeting, often short and impromptu, where parties involved can speak openly – generally, a whispered word or written card inform the Receiver of location and time. Various problems attend such a move – not only must Bearers come prepared, but the time-sensitive nature of the message can mean Receivers have no means of refusal but silence and absence. However, should such a gambit work, it is of the greatest convenience – and, possibly, romance.

Replying in equivalent terms is usually impractical, but should opportunity arise, About time communicates emphatic acceptance, I'll do anything willingness, It would be wrong apologetic refusal, Penny for your thoughts? or Tell me more enquiry, I can't wait excitement, I can wait teasing dismissal, while Thanks, but no thanks, I think not, Never or Don't call me, I'll call you repel the invitation with admirable frankness.
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