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I have something to tell you
Receiver, the Bearer of I have something to tell you is brimming over with excitement, but they cannot fully explain their reasons right now, or in their current situation. Or perhaps they have a question that must be answered, post-haste. I have something to tell you is often given some small time prior to a meeting between the parties; in such cases, for the Receiver to then refuse or be late to the meeting is an act of considerable disrespect.

Often positive responses in kind are unnecessary, although Of course can be used; concerned Receivers can use Is this the end? to ascertain the possible outcome of such discussions, Tell me the truth to insist on an unedited and fully disclosive answer, or Get out of jail free to playfully engage with the question at hand. What's troubling you? enquires about the Bearer’s emotional state; Fear indicates fear or I can't wait excited anticipation; I can take it offers as assurance of the Receiver’s willingness to hear the news, and Truce promises respite if trouble is at hand.
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