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A convivial drink is an excellent way to break all but the hardest of social ice, and this constitutes just such an invitation. Whether an initial approach, an attempted conclusion to prolonged periods of ambiguous romantic tension, or when a relationship has broken and the Bearer wishes to repair it, this is as much a question as it is a laying of one's cards on the table.

Immediate acceptance can be signalled playfully with Anything once or About time, simply with Yes, or enthusiastically with I can't wait or See you soon. More time can be requested by those with positive intention with Don't give up or Patience; conditions can be imposed with On one condition; Could it happen? offers means of enquiring as to the Bearer’s situation or intent; and attempts at reconciliation can be accepted with What's happened to us?. Receivers distinctly unimpressed with the suggestion can send Creep or You've gotta be kidding me, whereas those wishing to let the Bearer down gently have It would be wrong, Reluctance, or You're not my type with which to do so.
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