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Trust me
Take a deep breath, Receiver; someone is asking you to trust them absolutely. Easily asked, perhaps, but for many a difficult leap of faith. Whether in regard to a specific plan or promise, or simply as encouragement to or reinforcement of further intimacy, Trust me is a significant and powerful gesture, not to be undertaken lightly.

Categoric refusal is offered by I don't trust you, and those wishing for absolute honesty beforehand have Tell me the truth with which to insist. Those willing to do as the Bearer asks - or already in a position to do so - can send I trust you, but any wishing to advise caution can send Tread softly, and those with reason to doubt One last chance. Fear or anger at the Bearer’s request are expressed in Fear or How could you?, whilst Receivers wishing to make the degree of their faith in the Bearer emphatically clear have I'm yours and I'll do anything at their disposal.
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