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It's over
Hard to argue with such implacable finality; this Bearer simply wishes it to be known that whatever connection with the Receiver they may have shared in the past, they want no more of it now.

Receivers angry at such dismissal can assert fury with How could you?, sorrow with Despair, indifference with Whatever, or even a potentially hurtful pleasure with My pleasure, while What's happened to us? laments past happiness and No regrets makes it clear that the Receiver considers whatever has been shared eminently worth the pain of loss. Anything but that and Please beg the Bearer to reconsider, One last chance requests one final chance to make things work, while Don't make promises you can't keep doubts the Bearer’s ability to hold to such a resolution. Should the Receiver also consider such an ending desirable, however, I understand or Fair enough indicate acceptance of the Bearer’s decision. Go and die in a hole makes contempt for the Bearer abundantly clear, while Let's be friends suggests simple friendship may be the way forward.
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