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You're imagining things
Someone, somewhere, is making a mistake, Receiver, and this Bearer thinks is might be you. Romance is a tricky beast, prone to leading mind and passions astray. Where one person may think a relationship entirely platonic, another may have desire in mind – and hearts or egos may be fractured as a result. Likewise, business and even friendship can be fraught with misunderstandings.

You're imagining things can elegantly conceal exasperation or concern for a Receiver who has misread a situation and requires correction before further harm ensues. To send Sorry in response is to apologise for whatever misunderstandings have occurred; You've gotta be kidding me gives an incredulous dismissal; I'll do anything promises whatever reparations are necessary; Whatever dismisses the Bearer’s statement, while Fair enough agrees with it; Is this the end? expresses concern over possibly destructive outcomes; Worth a shot is an implicit shrug of the shoulders, while Who, me? asserts a potentially spurious innocence, and Let's be friends makes platonic but friendly intentions clear.
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