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C'est la vie
Dear Receiver, someone is on your side. They know that sometimes life just doesn’t work out as one has planned or desired, and C'est la vie wishes to accept and embraces this. Rather than being burdened with guilt, regret or worry, the Bearer seeks to express their acceptance of the current situation – be it forbidden love, financial woes, or a general and vague sense of ennui. Offering reassurance to the Receiver, it indicates that the Bearer will press on regardless, perhaps even with a spring in their step. As such, it often provides a mutually satisfactory conclusion to any conversation within which it appears.

Should a Receiver wish to reply, I give up concedes defeat in the face of overwhelming odds; Despair asserts overwhelming discouragement; Fair enough acquiesces to the reasonableness of the Bearer’s position; Patience promises future satisfaction; and Don't give up offers gentle encouragement.
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