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I understand
It's all right, Receiver. Somebody gets it. Whatever troubles exist, the Bearer of I understand wishes to offer unconditional acceptance and support, whatever the cost to themselves. Whilst often sent in unhappy circumstances – refusal, rejection, a parting of ways – this is perhaps never entirely negative, as it signals sufficient care and consideration on the part of the Bearer to appreciate and accept the Receiver’s concerns.

Receivers unconvinced of the Bearer’s understanding can use I think not to express their doubts. You rock! and Thank you express gratitude, whereas depending on the relationship between Bearer and Receiver We can get through this or Thinking of you may be appropriate. C'est la vie indicates wry acceptance, Tread softly begs the Bearer to take care, while those wishing to repel the Bearer’s concern have Creep, Mind your own business or You've gotta be kidding me with which to make themselves quite clear.
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