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Thanks, but no thanks
Whilst recognising the worth of what the Receiver is offering, this Bearer must nevertheless – regretfully or otherwise – decline. Appropriate in response to overtures like Drink?, By way of introduction and Kiss me, you fool! as well as I'll do anything or Can I help?. Thanks, but no thanks is frequently useful to Bearers wishing to beat a tactful retreat. Responses can, accordingly, be somewhat negative: a comparatively mild Let's pretend that never happened proposes mutual denial; Go and die in a hole or How could you? make resentment at the Bearer’s rejection abundantly clear; while You've gotta be kidding me expresses outright disbelief, Awkward awkwardness, and Whatever or My heart bleeds variously cutting dismissals. More positively, however, No regrets, Worth a shot and Anything once indicate the Receiver still doesn’t regret their offer to the Bearer, whatever it may have been, and Fair enough acknowledges the legitimacy of their reasoning. Should the overture have been romantic, Let's be friends constitutes a civilised suggestion of ongoing friendship, while I'll do anything asserts the willingness to perform whatever is necessary to persuade the Bearer to reconsider: Despair expresses disappointment at such disheartening news.
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