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Thank God for that
Someone's grateful, Receiver. Relieved, even. Thank God for that speaks of a Bearer profoundly glad that events have transpired as they have.

Receivers can concur with Likewise, ask for explanation with Tell me more, and direct congratulations (ironically or otherwise) to themselves with My work here is done or the Bearer with Congratulations. You've gotta be kidding me disbelievingly rejects such an assessment, while You shouldn't have done that blames the Bearer for whatever has resulted, and That was... interesting or Anything once acknowledge that whatever experiences Bearer and Receiver have shared they have at least represented a useful – if steep – learning curve.
Thank God for that is also a useful response, to messages as diverse as the passionately proffered possession of I'm yours , the help offered by Can I help?, and the unequivocal It's over – although it is advisable to use the latter with care.
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