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I've never felt this way before
Someone is overwhelmed by their feelings, whether by an unexpected sense of understanding or attraction with a new partner, unprecedented concord or security with an old one, or simply the introduction of hitherto unexplored depths into a previously harmonious but limited connection. New feelings are awakening, and the Bearer revels in it.

For some Receivers, a loving I'm yours or You're mine may seem appropriate in response, while for others I love you, I can take it or I'll do anything may be more apt. A playful Prove it invites further demonstration of the Bearer’s feelings, while About time teasingly accepts their gesture, Tread softly invites explanation and You intrigue me counsels caution. Should either Bearer or Receiver’s feelings be negative, a kindly Let's be friends, a troubling Hold your horses or a despondent Regret all communicate the fact.
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