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For old times' sake?
This affectionate and nostalgic message recalls old passion and times past, and perhaps speaks of a desire to return to them. Not necessarily romantic (although often used as such), the Bearer requests the Receiver to relive and rekindle the relationship they once shared; for a single drink, a single dinner, or a single amorous rendez-vous in secret . The precise nature of any such meeting is, of course, implied by the nature of the relationship that the parties once shared.

It is traditional for the Receiver to respond positively in kind, perhaps with I can't wait, About time or My pleasure. If unsure of the Bearer’s meaning or intent – and perhaps a little wary, but keen to meet regardless - Receivers can respond with Tread softly. Should acceptance be conditional, On one condition provides means of saying so. I miss you implicitly amplifies the sentiments occasioning the invitation in the first place. If affection is constant but circumstances prevent reunion, It would be wrong or If only may be appropriate. It's overor Get over it give an unequivocal and somewhat crushing refusal, and Better luck next time a somewhat more moderate version. Declining with You've gotta be kidding me or I think not is rare, but on occasion peculiarly satisfying.
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