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Oh Receiver, the Bearer of Patience wishes to assure you that only inconvenient circumstance prevents them from devoting themselves to you utterly. Should you be prepared to wait, once extricated either by their own hand or the passage of time said Bearer will give themselves utterly. Whilst such a gesture is evidently romantic, only Receiver and Bearer can judge how much patience may be necessary - and how long they are prepared to wait.

Receivers adamant that the Bearer is worth waiting for and wishing to provide assurance of their love have I love you, Forever yours, Only you or I'll do anything to declare themselves, whereas those overwhelmed by their feelings for the Bearer can communicate this with Obsession. I can take it speaks of a Receiver eminently willing to endure delay for the Bearer’s sake, while If only or Don't make promises you can't keep indicate disbelief. Those for whom the Bearer’s circumstances are particularly troubling or tragic can send Jealousy or Despair, while We can get through this or Don't give up assure the Bearer that the desire to wait is mutual. I give up, I don't trust you or Prove it all speak of a Receiver at the end of their tether, and any Bearers receiving these in return should be wary lest they lose the object of their professed patience.
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