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I need you
Someone is lost without you, Receiver; lost within you, lost where you are not. The intensity of such a message is echoed in Only you, the passionate assertion that only the Bearer matters; I'm yours and You're mine reinforce the couple’s possession of each other, while Forever yours declares lifelong commitment. I love you and I want you articulate romantic longing and affirmation, while Obsession reflects the edge of desperation in the Bearer’s message, and Prove it asks the Bearer to somehow prove the truth of their love. I'll do anything promises the Bearer whatever they desire, while Perfect asserts their perfection and Thinking of you assures them of a place at the forefront of the Receiver’s mind. Cheer up and And my axe! offer support whilst lightening the tone decidedly.

Should the Receiver be less comfortable with the intensity of the Bearer’s feelings, they can advise caution with Tread softly or Slow down, imply panic with Help! or cynicism with My heart bleeds, or (worst of all) dismiss the Bearer with You've gotta be kidding me or even Whatever. However, it is wise to consider carefully before doing so, because such gestures are often irrevocable.
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