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Let's be friends
Let's be friends is a versatile gesture equally appropriate inviting a newfound acquaintance to further intimacy, or orchestrating the sad cessation of a formerly romantic connection. In either case, of course, the care inherent in the beauty of the gift may perhaps serve to declare ongoing interest in the wellbeing of the Receiver, at the very least.

Receivers welcoming the chance of a new comrade can do so with an enthusiastic You rock! or Squee, a milder I see what you did there, or reject such an invitation with a terse Thanks, but no thanks, a compensatory Better luck next time or a cheeky Never. Those devastated at the loss of a partner, however, can express their sorrow with Despair or So it has come to this, plead for another chance with One last chance or Please, declare themselves well pleased with the outcome with Thank God for that, or dismiss potential pain with My heart bleeds. More sensitively, however, a Worth a shot or What's happened to us? at least indicate the relationship was worth it.
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