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See you soon
A straightforward assurance that the Bearer is keenly anticipating reunion with you, Receiver. As appropriate between acquaintances as lovers, such a message is more friendly than fevered, expressing appreciation of the Receiver’s company without the longing overtones of Obsession, say, or I need you. If appropriate, Receivers can respond in kind, or echo the Bearer’s enthusiasm with I can't wait, I miss you or Squee; if otherwise, You've changed implies a shift in the relationship has left the Receiver bereft, and Tell me the truth requests honesty about how or why;
Thinking of you perhaps increases the intimacy of such an exchange, reminding the Bearer they are in the Receiver’s thoughts;You're beautiful or I like you add a note of romantic appreciation;
Keep calm & carry on or Don't give up offers support to a Bearer under pressure; And my axe! reinforces a friendship; whereas You've gotta be kidding me, It would be wrong, Reluctance or You're not my type all make the Receiver’s intention to spurn the Bearer’s invitation clear.
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