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I've always loved you
Whatever your history has been with the Bearer of I've always loved you, Receiver, they wish to declare that love for you has lain behind all their actions. Whether sent as an initial confession of desire or as reinforcement of a long-held bond, I've always loved you is often a serious and tender gesture of great importance for the parties concerned.

Should the Bearer’s feelings be mutual, Likewise or You rock! serve to establish the fact, and Thank God for that suggests the culmination of long-held desires. If togetherness is impossible, Alas laments the situation, whereas Patience implicitly promises future satisfaction. Tread softly advises the Bearer to take care, while an impulsive Kiss me, you fool! or anticipatory And so it begins... speak of further joys to come. If the Bearer’s sentiments are unexpected, You've gotta be kidding me makes this clear, whilst for those decidedly unenamoured My heart bleeds, Make it stop or Creep make matters quite clear.
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