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It's not you, it's me
Ah. This is difficult, Receiver, but really - it's not you. Honest. Maybe someone's own situation precludes involvement, or prevents them from being able to give quite what they would like; It's not you, it's me provides eloquent means of articulating such a conflict. Receivers wishing to appeal the Bearer’s decision can send I'll do anything, One last chance or Truce to beg them to reconsider, or If only to disagree with their statement; Is this the end? queries the potentially saddening results of receiving such a missive. Those wishing to acquiesce with understanding and courtesy have I understand or Fair enough with which to do so (or, if they wish to be somewhat more flippant, Whatever). Should declaring the Receiver’s own feelings be paramount, We can get through this or I need you offer romantically intense - if perhaps unwise - means of expression. Awkward acknowledges the awkwardness of the situation, whereas WTF? and You've gotta be kidding me expresses shock at a sudden announcement.
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