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Slow down
Hold on a sec, Receiver; something may be getting out of hand. While the Bearer of Slow down appreciates the attention that they're getting, it is perhaps a little too much to take in; hopefully, if the Receiver understands the message, they will steady their hand and approach the situation with more caution and forethought than before.

Receivers should not despair; while this sometimes implies fear that the nature of a relationship is progressing at too rapid a rate, it can just as easily mean that the Bearer is receiving far too many messages from the Receiver and cannot find time to respond properly to them all. Whilst given the nature of the message some delay in responding may be appropriate, sending I understand makes their acceptance of the Bearer’s position clear.
Receivers startled or disturbed at such an instruction can communicate this with You've changed or What's happened to us?, but those recognising some truth to the Bearer’s hesitation can use Sorry to apologise.
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