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I want you
An intense, wordless, breathless longing beating behind everyday life, speaking of the press and slide of skin and bone and weight and warmth, muscle and fingers and mouth; this Bearer wants you, Receiver, beyond sense or reason.

I need you, Obsession, Only you or I've never felt this way before are all equally ardent responses, although a simple I love you or the passionate possession of I'm yours and You're mine may be preferred. Confident Receivers may send the demanding Prove it, while those wishing only to surrender to the Bearer may do so with I can take it, I'll do anything or More. You're beautiful, with its simple appreciation of the Bearer’s beauty, is also often a worthy response. I can't wait expresses the Receiver’s anticipation of future meetings, while Patience counsels patience, and How you doin'? dispenses with the need for it. Should the Bearer’s desire not be reciprocated, You're imagining things, Hold your horses, It would be wrong, or Reluctance make this clear, while You're not my type, We want different things, or Let's be friends offer explanations and Awkward, Make it stop or Creep make the impossibility of any future connection quite clear.
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