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Do you feel the same?
Whatever the emotions swimming between you and the Bearer of Do you feel the same?, Receiver, the other party is anxious to know whether they are shared. Perhaps they have made a confession of love or desire, and as yet you have not respoinded; possibly you have just met, but the Bearer is uncertain of your interest or lack thereof; possibly something has changed in your relationship and Bearer is anxious to see whether newfound feelings are mutual.

Don't give up or a more specific I like you offer encouragement to the Bearer, and And so it begins... suggests the dawn of a new era between the parties. Often sent as followup when some communication has been met with silence, Receivers can let the Bearer down gently with Alas, We want different things, You're not my type or It would be wrong, or somewhat harshly with You've gotta be kidding me, You're imagining things, or the unequivocal Creep.
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