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Be mine
Someone wants you, Receiver; body, heart and soul.. A touching plea for the Receiver to surrender themselves to the Bearer, body, heart and soul, Be mine is not to be sent lightly. Accordingly, it is churlish in the extreme for Receivers to treat such a missive with less than the respect it deserves.

Should they wish to decline the Bearer's request, a Receiver may do so tactfully with Sorry, Yes or a simple No; You should be so lucky, sarcastically with Please or with a marginally condescending Better luck next time. Those desirous of such passionate connection but unable to offer it can say this with a regretful If only or Alas, while Patience suggests only circumstances keep Bearer and Receiver apart. A wry No choice indicates such surrender has already occurred, by choice or otherwise, while How you doin'? issues a direct invitation. Passionate assent can be given with I love you, I'm yours, I've never felt this way before, Forever yours or an understated You'll do. Creep, on the other hand, asserts in no uncertain terms that such a plea was inappropriate.
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