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No regrets
Whatever’s happened, Receiver, this Bearer would do it all again. The pleasure was worth the pain, the joy the loss; some lessons will always be worth the price. Sent to a newfound lover as part of an ongoing courtship, it reinforces the Bearer’s satisfaction with current events and their dedication to pursuing the path already embarked upon with the Receiver; arriving after a parting of the ways, it nevertheless declares in no uncertain terms that the Bearer is glad to have shared themselves and their life with the Receiver, however briefly.

As part of an ongoing dialogue, perhaps a defiant response to You shouldn't have done that or a tender acknowledgement of What's happened to us?, it serves to make the Bearer’s position unequivocally clear. If the parties are romantically involved or new to one another, responding with Kiss me, you fool!, I've never felt this way before, That was wonderful or Perfect makes mutual appreciation clear; should they have recently parted, Despair or Regret all express the Receiver’s sadness. Trust me or You're lovely may also be useful in bringing the parties closer together.
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