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Long time no see
It's been a while, Receiver - in the Bearer's eyes, at least. Whether due to geography or circumstance, Bearer and Receiver have been separated for some time, and the Bearer of Long time no see wishes to lament the fact. A gesture of remembered affection more than passionately unfulfilled desire, Long time no see is as appropriate between absent friends as parted lovers.

Receivers feeling themselves responsible for unexpected absence can apologise with Sorry or a graver Forgive me, while a mundane See you soon suggests the situation is soon to be altered. Receivers regretting their prolonged absence from the Bearer can point this out with I miss you, or offer support and reassurance with Don't give up or Keep calm & carry on. What's happened to us? implies such severance is potentially troubling for both parties, and Is this the end? that it may even spell the cessation of whatever significant connection binds the pair together. You lose, You're imagining things, or a sarcastic My heart bleeds, on the other hand, suggest the Receiver remains unconcerned by the parting concerned.
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