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Goodbye, Receiver. Someone will miss you. Farewell is sent when a Receiver is leaving, whether briefly or for some time, and the Bearer wishes to mark the fact.

Should the Receiver sincerely regret their departure, they can apologise for its impact on the Bearer with Sorry or Forgive me; parting lovers can request or offer reassurance with We can get through this, Patience Forever yours or Is this the end?; friends can reassure one another of continued attachment with And my axe!, Don't give up or See you soon. Those unmoved by the Bearer's departure can signal this with Whatever, whilst Receivers generally supportive whatever their personal feelings can demonstrate this by sending Good luck, Enjoy or Thinking of you. About time, My pleasure, or My work here is done, on the other hand, indicates the Receiver by no means regards the Bearer's absence as an unmitigated tragedy.
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