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I need a favour
Dear Receiver: someone wants something. Whether the Bearer’s fondness for the Receiver is romantic, platonic, familial or noticeably ambiguous is irrelevant here – what marks this communication as important is the favour. It might be as simple and mundane as tracking down the Bearer’s lost cat, or as elaborate a scheme as posing as a paramour during an important social event. The task might seem odious, but it is surely somewhat uncivil to turn down a request so eloquently delivered. Furthermore, the Receiver will invariably be owed a favour in future, and favours can be an extremely valuable commodity.

Acceptance can be as basically expressed as My pleasure or What do?; Sure thing or I'll do anything imply enthusiasm; while On one condition offers conditional acceptance and Make it stop frustration with a repeat offender. Maybe is equivocal, while Tell me more requests further info and And my axe! assures the Bearer the Receiver will be there if needed. This means war!, on the other hand, makes the Receiver’s rejection quite clear.
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