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You shouldn't have done that
Uh oh, Receiver. You messed up, somewhere along the line. Perhaps conflict, pain or confusion have resulted from a supposedly light-hearted reunion or casual gift, some public misunderstanding has occurred at the Bearer’s expense, or the parties have been deceived or at odds in their feelings for one another.

About time enables the Bearer to make this quite clear, and re-establish their relationship on a more honest, if sadder, footing. Receivers concurring with the Bearer’s assessment can accept responsibility and apologise with Sorry, or beg forgiveness with Forgive me, while It's not what it looks like maintains the Bearer is not in full possession of the facts and thus their criticism is unjustified. Trust me suggests the Bearer’s judgement is premature, We need to talk or I understand offer explanations, and Alas bemoans the implacability of fate. One last chance makes it clear that matters are at breaking point, while a cheeky Worth a shot or Who, me? lighten the tone.
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