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Grow up
Get over yourself, Receiver. Someone thinks you should, anyway. This Bearer is dismayed at the Receiver’s apparent immaturity, whether in matters of the heart or simply as a result of regular exposure to their conduct in daily life. Particularly powerful in the latter circumstance if sent anonymously, it can be countered with a patronising What's troubling you?, a smug My work here is done, a spuriously innocent Who, me?, a triumphantly incomprehensible Aaaaaaaaaa or a defiant WTF?. An ironic It would be wrong or My pleasure is almost guaranteed to infuriate the Bearer, although whether or not this serves to prove their point is a matter worthy of consideration. A cutting Creep, threatening This means war! or critical Big mistake all not only criticise the Bearer’s judgement but suggest the possibility of dire consequences; an end also achievable through judicious deployment of Evil laugh.
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