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You dent my calm
Watch out, Receiver. You've been getting on the Bearer’s nerves, whether with annoying habits, unfortunate behaviour, or simply inconvenient emotion, and the Bearer of You dent my calm wishes none-too-gently to point out the fact.

Abashed Receivers can apologise with Sorry or Forgive me, but may also wish to convey blank incomprehension with WTF?, or send a defiant My work here is done or Who, me?. Unwise advises the Bearer of their foolishness, I forgive you proffers forgiveness in the face of the insult, Maybe suggests potential recognition that the Bearer has a point, while Something I said? enquires mildly as to the nature of such irritation. Should receipt of such a message mark the emergence of serious issues between the parties – or a Receiver wish to maintain a detached and ironic tone – Is this the end? may be sent , although it’s always wise to bear in mind the answer may well be It's over, or even Go and die in a hole.
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