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I can wait
A noble intent, Receiver; the Bearer assures you they will wait for as long as necessary for a decision to be made or a course of action to become viable. Whether sent by potential lovers, separated sweethearts or simply between friends awaiting confidence and conversation, I can wait indicates resolution on the Bearer’s part, and considerable esteem for the Receiver. Should the process take more than a year, the Bearer is encouraged to send I can waits every year on the same date, if acceptable, to show that they still hold the Receiver in their regard. To send I can waits is to say that the Bearer will wait Forever and a day, and is often a forlorn assertion of a love or desire that cannot be attained.

Receivers can indicate simple gratitude with Thank you, proffer reassurance of their devotion with Only you, I'm yours or Patience, impose conditions with On one condition, or disengage themselves from the Bearer with It would be wrong. Don't give up requests the Bearer not abandon hope just yet, while I can't wait suggests the proposed delay is intolerable. Creep, Don't call me, I'll call you and You've gotta be kidding me all offer brutal means of repudiating the Bearer’s regard, but it is advisable for Receivers to be entirely certain before doing so, as Bearers are unlikely to forgive such slights.
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