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It's not what it looks like
Ah - oops, Receiver - it looks bad, but....It is imperative to the Bearer of It's not what it looks like that the Receiver does not take recent revelations or events at face value.

A common response to How could you? or Someone else?, It's not what it looks like begs for at least the chance to explain before any irrevocable actions are taken. Receivers minded to do so can ask for further explanations with Tell me more or an assertive We need to talk, while those horrified and wishing to make this clear can send an accusatory How could you?, doubtful I don't trust you or incredulous WTF?. What's happened to us? and Is this the end? ask painful questions about the future of the relationship between Bearer and Receiver; Whatever speaks of dismissal, and I forgive you or Get out of jail free potentially magnanimous forgiveness; meanwhile, You've gotta be kidding me can be used as a cutting conclusion to any potential dialogue.
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