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Hmm. Someone's not sure, Receiver, not sure at all. Confusion lies at the heart of this message, and the way forward will not be clear for some time. The Bearer feels unable to commit to a single course of action and instead must weigh their options – but sending such a message requires care and scrupulous honesty. To proffer Unsure merely as a delaying tactic in a situation one finds uncomfortable marks the Bearer as inconsiderate, uncaring of the feelings, and time, of others.
Receivers sympathetic to the Bearer’s plight can signal their acceptance with I understand, whereas those left in difficult situations can articulate their emotional unease with Tread softly.
Those intent on an answer from the Receiver have One last chance to signal the limits of their tolerance, and those left confused can use What's happened to us? or You intrigue me to request further insight.
Angry or frustrated Receivers, however, have How could you?, Danger, Go and die in a hole, Make it stop or Big mistake to express themselves.
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