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I dare you
Watch out, Receiver. There's a gauntlet being thrown down here. Wisely or otherwise, thus speaks a Bearer determined to challenge, provoke and perhaps entice you. The dare in question could be anything from flirtatious suggestion to improbable and impractical physical idiocy; whether the Receiver feels able to refuse such an eloquent proposition, whatever its foolishness, is another matter entirely.

Should they wish to do so, You've gotta be kidding me indicates disbelief, Reluctance reluctance, and Anything but that the certainty that anything else would be preferable to whatever the Bearer is daring. Here goes nothing, Sure thing and I'll do anything show willingness, and I can take it the conviction that the Receiver is eminently capable of surviving whatever the Bearer can throw at them. Those wishing to communicate horror, stress or distress, however, have Aaaaaaaaaa at their disposal.
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