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It's complicated
Ah, Receiver. It's - well - complicated. Often, particularly in matters of the heart, delicate situations can be too complex for easy explanation, particularly to the casual enquirer. Whilst It's complicated does not necessarily constitute a refusal to engage, it does at least indicate that further contact and explanation is required should one wish to pursue the connection. Responding with a courteous Of course or I understand is polite, but does not invite further conversation as Tell me more might. Those asking for the sake of romantic interest can send I like you or Never to make their positions clear, whereas a Let's be friends in response declares a consequent lack of romantic intent. Can I help? offers assistance, I'll do anything asserts the Bearer’s willingness to do whatever it takes to placate or assist the Receiver, and I can wait speaks of a Receiver willing to wait for as long as it takes for matters to resolve themselves. Tell me the truth declares an admirable desire for the absolute truth, Reluctance suggests uncertainty, whilst a challenging You can't handle the truth or Never again, or an unequivocal It's over or Let's pretend that never happened approach the situation in martial terms. Sometimes, however, only a laconic My heart bleeds will do.
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