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That was... interesting
Some experiences, particularly unexpected ones, are definitely preferable in retrospect - but one hopes there is some sort of lesson to be learned from most things. Someone wants to acknowledge the difficult or troubling nature of something you have shared, Receiver, be it a meeting, a holiday, an event or a party - but also to unite you in wry appreciation of its cessation.

Receivers genuinely appreciative of the experience in question can use That was wonderful, while C'est la vie and Anything once acknowledge that such things happen, and Worth a shot suggests that the knowledge gained might be worth it. Regret expresses regret, No regrets the lack thereof, and Is this the end? asks whether whatever has happened will have dire consequences. Never again swears never to repeat the experience, I'll make it up to you promises to make amends, and Let's pretend that never happened suggests the mutual assertion that Nothing. Ever. Happened.
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