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Cryptofloricon: send coded messages with a secret language of flowers.

This February sees the launch of Cryptofloricon: an innovative, humorous and romantic way to send secret messages through the medium of flowers. Inspired by traditional floriography, the Victorian “language of flowers”, Cryptofloricon sets out a system to make it a little easier to say those difficult things – a perfect solution for the shy, bored, lonely or curious!

The sender must first choose the message they wish to convey from an extensive list of options ranging from “I love you”, “Forever yours” and “Kiss me, you fool!” to “Something I said?”, “It’s not you, it’s me” and “You gotta be kidding me!”. For each message there is a specific combination of flowers, for example, a simple, “I love you” is a single rose, while “I’ve never felt this way before” is three roses and three gerberas.

The flowers are ordered directly from the site via your phone or computer, and delivered the same day by courier to the receiver’s address, with a gift tag informing them that their bouquet contains a hidden message that can be decoded on the website. There, Cryptofloricon helpfully suggests replies they might consider such as “You rock!”, “I’m yours!”, “Let’s be friends”, “Creep!”, “Awkward!” or “Let’s pretend that never happened”...

Cryptofloricon is the latest project from inventor and entrepreneur Ed Saperia, founder and creative director of Original Content London. He says “We are a messaging culture, submerged in an endless deluge of communication – but sometimes text just isn’t enough. This system is there for when you are lost for words.”

Cryptofloricon launches officially on 10th February 2014 with deliveries in the London area, with other cities around the world soon to follow.

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