Cryptobouquet Assembly Instructions

You will need:
• a pen (ideally a fountain pen)
• a hole punch
• scissors

brown wrapping paper
• tissue paper
• plain cellophane

craft wire
• twist tie or small rubber band
branded delivery tags printed on off-white card

• and some combination of:
White Rose
White Gerbera
White Lily
White Anastasia (Chrysanthemum)
White Carnation

Step One

Write the "TO" and "FROM" names supplied in the order email on a delivery booklet. Time to show off your nice handwriting! Make sure you use the display names specified for the delivery card, and not their real names.

Step Two

Punch a hole in the top corner of the delivery booklet.

Step Three

Pick your flowers as specified in the order and trim them down to about six inches, removing leaves and thorns. Remember, the customer will be counting blossoms, not stems, so e.g. a lily may need to have extra heads trimmed off.

Step Four

Wrap the flowers carefully in cellophane and fill with water...

Step Five

...and close firmly with a twist tie or rubber band, making sure the stems are in the water and the blooms are sitting happily together.

Step Six

Scrunch up tissue paper into a sausage shape and wrap it firmly round the bottom of the stems.

Step Seven

Envelop the whole thing in brown paper...

Step Eight

...and tie tightly around the waist with several neat turns of craft wire. The posy should be flat bottomed and free-standing.

Step Nine

Trim excess paper so the blossoms are nicely framed, and can all be easily seen.

Step Ten

Attach the delivery booklet using the end of the wire.

Step Eleven

And you're done! Double check that the flowers are exactly the same as in the order, and they are easy to distinguish for the recipient to decode.