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I like you
Somebody likes you, Receiver. As appropriate between old friends as new lovers, warmth, affection and genuine joy in the company of another is expressed by the giving of I like you; a gift hovering between friendship and the possibility of something more.

Those wishing to reciprocate the feelings expressed may do so with an excited Squee, a disingenuous Who, me?, an anticipatory (if not presumptive) And so it begins... or About time, a playful You'll do, I can take it or I forgive you, a passionate if potentially overenthusiastic I've never felt this way before, or a non-committal Anything once. Receivers wishing to advise caution may do so with Tread softly, Hold your horses, or Slow down, while those unable for some reason to accept the proffered sentiment can express regret or longing with Alas or If only. Repudiation with explanation is offered through You're not my type, Creep, or We want different things; simple and potentially cruel dismissal can be given with I think not, Laugh out loud, Get over it, Make it stop and an unequivocal Never.
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