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You win
Ah, Receiver; someone concedes defeat. An acceptance of failure, perhaps, or an acknowledgement of victory – You win can mean both, in the right circumstances. Whilst it may be used to playfully declare submission to a beloved’s temptations, or to honour the conclusion of a prolonged tussle between friends, a more commonplace meaning is an admission of defeat and a call for hostilities to cease. A humble sentiment indeed, and should it be accepted by the Receiver, one that should be honoured by both parties.

Let's be friends offers dignified means of accepting such a surrender, while Condolences gives a somewhat pitying edge. Evil laugh, My work here is done or Told you so celebrate the Bearer’s triumph; Reluctance queries the strength of their resolution; WTF? disclaims the victory entirely, while That was... interesting acknowledges the one’s opponent’s worth and Better luck next time courteously wishes them future success. Let's pretend that never happened proposes mutual denial of whatever occasioned the Bearer’s gesture. If the Receiver in fact wishes the Bearer to persist – in opposition, seduction or whatever conflict prompted their surrender – Don't give up may be sent to tell them so.
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