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That was wonderful
The floral equivalent of a beaming grin. Whether given in thanks for a night in company, a romantic gesture, a friendly helping hand or an act of unexpected generosity, That was wonderful is a precious and powerful gesture of appreciation, by a Bearer pleased and moved by the Receiver. Implicit is the desire to repeat the experience, whatever it may have been, as soon as may be.

Romantically-minded Receivers wishing to declare their feelings can reply with I love you, Kiss me, you fool!, More, I've never felt this way before or Perfect, while those newer to one another have a cordial My pleasure, an appreciative Thank you or a noncommittal See you soon at their disposal, and Tread softly or It's complicated warn of possible pitfalls ahead.
Receivers fundamentally disagreeing with the Bearer’s assessment have a teasing That was... interesting, or My work here is done, an unequivocal Don't call me, I'll call you, You've gotta be kidding me or You're not my type, or a troubled Regret to communicate their disappointment.
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