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Someone else?
Never an easy matter to discuss, whether informing or asking, and often one to which no answer is entirely comforting (for something, if not a rival, must have occasioned the troubling behaviour prompting the question...) but so often a pivotal moment. Whether the Bearer regards the prospect of an affirmative answer as liberating or catastrophic, whether the Receiver chooses to respond with a simple Yes or No, the passionate reassurance of I'm yours, a regretful Sorry, an imploring Forgive me, a threatening Danger or a defiant How could you? or Big mistake, the consequences of such an enquiry - or assertion - are rarely trivial. It's not what it looks like suggests there is an alternative explanation, Let's pretend that never happened proposes total denial by both parties, Mind your own business informs the Bearer in no uncertain terms that such matters are none of their concern, while I'll make it up to you promises potentially dubious compensation and If only contains the less-than-reassuring implication that the chance would be a fine thing.
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