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You're not my type
Ah. I'm sorry, Receiver - but for someone, it's just not there. Whilst the Bearer may think highly of you, they simply do not wish for romantic closeness; whether for reasons of physical chemistry (or lack thereof), emotional incompatibility, or simply a disjunction in beliefs or values.

Whilst this is a difficult decision to appeal, based as it is on the Bearer’s very personal desires, Please implores them to reconsider, and I can wait suggests the Receiver will wait until they do; I'll do anything promises them anything in return for a chance, and One last chance acknowledges that this may be the last possible opportunity to connect. Should the Receiver wish merely to express their anguish, Despair enables them to do so. It is often wiser to accept such decisions gracefully, though, as with Let's be friends, Fair enough or Worth a shot.
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