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Big mistake
Watch out, Receiver. A grave error has been made somewhere along the line, and the Bearer wishes to disabuse you of mistaken notions. Nor do they feel the need to pull their punches in communicating the fact - either urgency or animosity compels their hand.

Receivers denying their culpability can send It's not what it looks like, those accepting it Oops, or any bemused by such an assertion Something I said? or Tell me more. Concern can be expressed with Is this the end? or Consequences; those doubting the Bearer can do so with You've gotta be kidding me. Often a response, Big mistake usually signals either conflict or resolution. No regrets or Worth a shot suggest whatever mistakes have been made were worthwhile; It's complicated points out the complexity of whatever situation Bearer and Receiver find themselves in; while Hold your horses requests the Bearer pause for thought or reconsideration.
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