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Hold your horses
Hang on, Receiver; something's going on here. Human relationships are fraught with differences in opinion and perspective, and love in particular is a notoriously difficult business. When passions run high, it can be all too easy for enthusiasm, confusion or lust to overtake reasoned thought or objectiveness. The Bearer of Hold your horses realises such a misunderstanding has occurred; either informing the other party, or acknowledging their own mistake. Such Bearers are keen to make amends, and seek to remain on good terms with the Receiver, but remain unashamed of their original motivations.

Receivers sympathetic to the Bearers of such messages may offer I understand in assurance of their continued regard; the romantically minded have We can get through thisor I love you at their disposal; whilst more troubled or despondent Receivers can send We need to talk, What's happened to us? or You've changed to indicate a desire to renegotiate or further discuss. I can't wait signals either refutation or impatience, Fair enough accepts the Bearer’s concern; while I can wait speaks of a Receiver willing to exercise patience and Who, me? assumes an innocence which may or may not be applicable. Please pleads for reconsideration, You've gotta be kidding me declares disbelief, but a simple Fair enough accepts the Bearer’s good sense entirely.
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