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How could you?
The burning, pounding, incisive anger carried with this message imply a Bearer betrayed, disrespected, hurt or deeply frustrated. Whatever the Receiver has done, the Bearer is furious, and seeks recognition and reparation.

Should the parties involved be content with resolution through conflict, This means war! makes matters blisteringly clear; should Receivers seek forgiveness, however, they may use Forgive me to do so. It's not what it looks like suggests mistake on the part of the Bearer. Oops offers a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of offence received, while No regrets asserts that the Receiver considers their actions entirely worth it and Worth a shot implies that it was at least worth trying. Is this the end? or One last chance seek to resolve conflict with the Bearer and promise strenuous effort to do so, while Receivers gravely troubled by the impact of their actions on the Bearer can apologise with Sorry or suggest their own emotional turmoil with Despair or Regret. I'll do anything makes it emphatically clear that the Receiver will do anything to mitigate the Bearer’s rage, but such extravagant gestures should perhaps be made with caution.
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