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Someone needs you, Receiver. Although this flower rarely refers to true peril, it is wise never to rule out such an eventuality. The Bearer has found themselves trapped in a situation or position from which they cannot extricate themselves alone, and stands in need of assistance. Potentially they may even be trapped in a florist’s (as with Help, I'm trapped in a florist's!), although in such cases some more precise geographical indication may be necessary. Concealment and a degree of subterfuge are often required to obfuscate the meaning from vigilant eyes. To ignore such a plea without inquiring further into the nature of the situation is unthinkable, and for that reason it should never be given spuriously.

Receivers wishing to assure the Bearer of their ongoing support can send And my axe! or Don't give up to do so, while What's troubling you? expresses concern and What do? or Can I help? ask simply what is needed. On one condition offers conditional agreement, Good luck wishes luck, My heart bleeds raises a cynical eyebrow, and My work here is done satisfaction for a job (hopefully) well done.
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