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You lose
Give up, Receiver, it's all over. You lose is an unashamed declaration of victory, whether in love or war. Should such an unabashedly triumphant message be sent, it is courteous for hostilities to cease immediately.

Receivers can accept the Bearer’s victory with You win or I can take it, or reject it with You've gotta be kidding me or a spurious Who, me?. This means war! declares the commencement of further hostilities, What's happened to us? laments the conflict, whilst profound negative effects are acknowledged with Despair, Fear or How could you?. I give up concedes defeat, while Never stoutly refuses to do so. Danger issues a threat, and Evil laugh implies one, as well as neatly undercutting the Bearer’s certainty. Grow up disclaims a Bearer’s putative immaturity for asserting such a victory, while C'est la vie or Worth a shot express resignation. One last chance asks for a last chance, Truce for a break, and No regrets declares that whatever contest the parties have been engaged in was more than worthwhile.
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